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About GC1 Holding Foundation

The GC1 Foundation launches and supports social programs focused on having a real and positive impact, promoting more peaceful and progressive societies..

Currently, GC1 operates and supports the following programs:

Operated  by GC1 Holding

An IAP (Public Assistance Institution) whose purpose is to promote social development through advising public parks committees.

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A digital ecosystem with millions of visitors where students have the opportunity to learn at their own pace and succeed in their studies.

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Specialized in spreading positive news and information, Tus Buenas Noticias is a free news agency that creates its own content and uses external sources to promote peace; fostering the common welfare, and enhancing our strengths as a society.

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SUMA Sociedad Unida is an IAP (Private Assistance Institution) dedicated to promoting the culture of legality. Through the generation of citizen commitments and voluntary social participation, the organization promotes a healthy social coexistence, respect, and peace.

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Construyendo Espacios para la Paz is a social program that aims to raise awareness among entrepreneurs, authorities, social leaders, academics, media, and citizens, through topics in security and peacebuilding.

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Mapasin is a dissemination platform and digital library of urban mobility and development plans in Sinaloa, aimed at civil society, business groups, investors, academics and government institutions interested in the urban, economic, social and environmental development of Sinaloa.

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Supported by GC1 Holding

Sponsored by GC1 Holding

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